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Transformer Station

Municipal Transformer Station

As part of our commitment to providing safe, reliable power to our customers, we are planning a Municipal Transformer Station (MTS). This station will ensure sufficient supply to meet current and future load. It will also provide Halton Hills with an additional supply point from Hydro One providing improved reliability for our customers.

What is a Municipal Transformer Station (MTS)?

A MTS is high voltage transformation station where a transmission class voltage (230kV) is converted to a distribution class voltage (27.6kV). The purpose of the MTS is to provide an additional reliable source of power to address increased electricity demand as a result of new residential and industrial development in the Town of Halton Hills.

Where is the MTS being constructed?

Steeles Avenue corridor between Trafalgar Road and James Snow Parkway.

Why is the MTS being constructed?

Existing supply facilities are nearing capacity and with increasing development within the Town of Halton Hills, additional supply capacity will be needed to supply new customers and continue to provide reliable power to existing customers.

Current Status and Progress

Design of the transformer station is nearing completion.

A Site Plan Application has been filed with the Town of Halton Hills.

Construction on Halton Hills Hydro’s station property will take place through 2018 and 2019.

Below, you will find documents detailing the Class EA and alternative site investigations.