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New Service/Upgrades

If you are building or renovating a home or business in the Town of Halton Hills and require a new electrical service or upgrade to an existing electrical service you will require a Technical Service Layout from Halton Hills Hydro Inc. (HHHI). The Technical Service Layout is a process that establishes the point of connection for a service, requirements for connections, and roles and responsibilities of HHHI and the customer. All new, upgraded, or modified services shall be installed as per HHHI’s Conditions of Service.

To obtain a Technical Service Layout for a new or upgraded service please complete the Application for Electrical Service Form and contact Halton Hills Hydro’s office at 519-853-3700 Ext. 211 to begin the process. If you wish to have an consultation with Engineering prior to applying for a Technical Service Layout please contact 519-853-3700 Ext. 213. There is no charge for a consultation. Following submission of an online application please ensure you make payment using one of the options you will be provided with.

All new services shall be rated a minimum 200A up to the demarcation point. HHHI’s standard voltage offerings are:

  • 120/240V (single phase)
  • 120/208V or 600/347V (three phase, four wire)

Applicants requiring a Technical Service Layout should contact HHHI as early as they can in their process. Depending on the requirements of the Technical Service Layout it may take a few weeks to complete the layout following a request from a customer.

Technical Service Layout Process:

  1. The applicant, who may also be the customer,will contact HHHI and request a Technical Service Layout. The applicant can submit the Application for Electrical Service Form at this time.
  2. An Engineering Technician will contact you within 10 business days to discuss your request and set up a meeting.
  3. An Engineering Technician will prepare an Offer to Connect, site drawing (Layout) & specifications, and connection requirements and send those to the applicant/customer.
    • At this time an applicant may be requested to submit additional information about their service.
  4. The applicant/customer will receive and review the Offer to Connect and Layout drawings. To proceed with the new service or upgraded service the applicant makes payment of the Connection Fee shown on the Offer to Connect as well as sign and return the Offer to Connect signed by the customer.
    • For new services, the applicant will receive an account application. This form is to be completed by the customer who will pay the utility bill and returned with the Offer to Connect.
  5. The applicant’s qualified electrical contractor will perform their work and have the Electrical Safety Authority Inspect the work on the customers’ side of the demarcation point. HHHI will require a Connection Authorization for any service connection.
    • In some cases the applicant or their contractor will only need to contact HHHI’s Engineering Clerk at Ext 213 to coordinate a connection. This is normally the case for residential service upgrades where only wire may be upgraded.
    • Where the Technical Service Layout requires construction such as a service trench, pole or anchor installation, or transformer installation the applicant or their contractor should be coordinating their project with HHHI’s Engineering Technician that prepared the Technical Service Layout. Such types of work require additional coordination and can include inspections and crew scheduling.
  6. HHHI will perform our work that is necessary to establish the connection. Once we receive ESA Connection Authorization the connection is normally scheduled within 5 business days.

Service Layout Fees:

  • Residential: $333.98
  • Commercial/ Industrial: $838.41

Layout fees shown above are subject to change without notice and include applicable taxes. Halton Hills Hydro will make every effort to update this webpage when fees change. If an applicant mistakenly pays the incorrect fee Halton Hills Hydro Inc. will request outstanding amounts prior to commencing a layout.

Please note that for new services and in some cases upgraded services a new transformer may be required. New transformers can take 16-20 weeks to receive once they are ordered. Applicants requiring a new transformer should account for such lead time in their project schedule. HHHI only orders transformers once construction charges are paid.

When applying for a Technical Service Layout please have the following information ready:

  • Applicant’s name, address, phone numbers, email.
  • Type of service layout requested (residential/ commercial).
  • Is the request for a new service, service upgrade, or temporary service.
  • Service size (amperage) and secondary voltage (120/240V, 120/208V, 600/347V) needs.
  • Site drawings.
  • Electrical equipment drawings, equipment ratings, Single Line Diagram (commercial applications).

Applicants should note that HHHI has specific limitations on the size of transformer that we will supply and connect to our distribution system. Applicants will be required to supply and install their own transformation and related equipment when:

  • The applicant requires greater than 300kVA of transformation where the distribution feeders voltage 4160GrdY/2400V or 8320GrdY/4800V. The applicant will be connected to HHHI’s 44kV sub-transmission system.
  • Where an applicant requires greater than 1500kVA of transformation when connecting to the 27600GrdY/16000V distribution system.

To review HHHI’s demarcation points please review appendix C in our Conditions of Service. A demarcation point is the point where ownership of assets changes from the utility to the customer.