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Suite Metering for Multi-Unit Residential Buildings

What is Suite Metering?

Suite metering involves metering the electricity use of each individual suite or unit separately and Halton Hills Hydro bills each unit directly. Suite metering is the preferred option for condo building developers, building owners and suite owners.

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Why Suite Metering?

Advantages for Property Owners

Halton Hills Hydro offers a complete turnkey design and installation solution at no cost to the Developer/ Property owner.

  • Each individual unit is responsible for its own electricity use
  • Lower operating costs for building owners – building owners only pay the electricity charges for building systems and common areas
  • Lower common fees make the building more attractive to prospective buyers or tenants
  • Meters are read automatically – no site visits required
  • Suite meters require much less space than conventional meters – freeing up floor space for more suites
  • Halton Hills Hydro takes care of all system maintenance

Halton Hills Hydro’s suite metering solution is future-proof and scalable. Our solution can easily grow or change with the building. Solutions are available for new buildings and as retrofits for existing buildings.

Advantages for Suite Owners

Suite metering is the preferred option for residents:

  • Suite owners only pay for their own electricity use, not their neighbours
  • Suite owners can manage their consumption and reduce their bills.
  • Access Halton Hills Hydro’s AccountOnline customer portal to view energy use and view and pay bills
  • Take advantage of programs like e-billing, equal payment plans and all of the other services offered by our customer care team.
  • Access to all eligible provincial rebates, payment assistance programs and conservation programs
  • All rates are approved by the Ontario Energy Board

Arrange a free consultation

To find out if our suite metering solution is right for your building, contact our Engineering Department at 519-853-3701 Ext. 213 or email

By choosing Halton Hills Hydro’s Suite Metering solution, you are choosing safety, reliability and expertise you can trust. We’ll work with you to implement the right metering solution for your building.