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Engineering Specifications

Approved Materials Specifications

The following are Halton Hills Hydro’s Approved Materials Specifications to be used in conjunction with this utility’s Underground Distribution Specifications (UD-Specs) and were developed by Halton Hills Hydro Inc. to be used solely in this utility’s service area.

Approved Materials Specifications PDF

Distribution Specifications

The following Distribution Specifications were developed by Halton Hills Hydro Inc. to be used only in this utilities service area. The following standards have been approved by a Professional Engineering accredited by the PEO in accordance with Ontario Regulation 22/04 and the appropriate Certificates of Approval have been issued in the specifications latest revision. For proof of Certificate, please contact Halton Hills Hydro Inc., Engineering Department.

Switchgear and Transformer

Protection of switchgear and transformers during construction is a requirement to protect those working around equipment. Further, such protection will reduce the potential for inadvertent damage to switchgears and transformers. The following two standards provide our requirements for physical barriers around this equipment. You should obtain all utility LOCATES prior to installing the barriers.