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Farm Stray Voltage Investigation Request

A representative from the Engineering Department will contact you within 5 business days of receiving a complete request form.

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Customer Response Procedure

Phase one will involve an investigator attending your site and performing preliminary testing including voltage & current measurements, checking for loose connections and adequate grounding at the transformer. If the animal contact voltage (ACV) is measured below 1.0 V and the animal contact current (ACC) is measured below 2.0 mA, there is no stray voltage problem. We will provide you with our findings and close the investigation.

If the ACV measured is above 1.0 V or the ACC measured is above 2.0 mA, Halton Hills Hydro will procced with Phase two to determine the extent to which the distribution system contributes to stray voltage and to determine whether corrective measures need to be taken on the distribution system. If corrective measures were implemented by Halton Hills Hydro, phase three will commence, where we will return to your property to conduct final testing to see whether any additional corrective measures need to be taken.

Your personal information is collected on this form by Halton Hills Hydro under the authority of the Electricity Act, Section 29 and the Ontario Energy Board Act, Section 70.1. Your personal information will be used for the purposes of investigating your report of farm stray voltage.