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Halton Hills Hydro adds an Electric Vehicle to their fleet

October 12, 2018

Halton Hills Hydro is excited to announce that they have added an all-electric vehicle to their fleet. When it came time to replace one of the company’s vehicles, Halton Hills Hydro made the innovative decision to replace it with an electric vehicle which will be used primarily by the our engineering department.
One of the strategic objectives of Halton Hills Hydro is an Environmental Focus. Having a zero emission vehicle in the fleet helps the utility achieve this goal. This vehicle will also help the utility understand the charging requirements of electric vehicles which will in turn allow us to better serve our customers who purchase electric cars.
Along with this new electric car, Halton Hills Hydro has installed an EV charging station in their customer parking lot available to employees during business hours and free for the public to use (with a Flo card) outside of business hours.