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Halton Hills Hydro awarded for innovation excellence

March 27, 2018

Halton Hills, ON – Halton Hills Hydro has won the Innovation Excellence Award.

The award was presented by the Electricity Distributors Association (EDA) at an event on March 26th. The award recognizes Local Distribution Companies (LDC’s) that have introduced unique business models focused on new or better ways of creating value while having a meaningful impact on customer satisfaction.

“New ways of thinking and operating are essential to the ongoing success of LDCs in Ontario.” said Art Skidmore, President & CEO, Halton Hills Hydro.

The entire leadership team at Halton Hills Hydro was involved in a simulation to create a strong future utility. The goals of the simulation were to build a strong resilient leadership team and foster ongoing innovation throughout the utility. Innovation thinking initiatives have since been rolled out to every employee at the utility to look at technology, processes and procedures to create cost savings, efficiencies or customer benefit. Eleanor Young, Chair of the Halton Hills Hydro Board of Directors stated “The Board has been very impressed with the dedication to innovation shown by the leadership team.”

These innovations are the first step down the path of relentless incrementalism – small steps that make a difference and help pave the way for more significant change. Art Skidmore commented “I am thrilled to see staff throughout the company embracing the innovation mindset and coming forward with creative ideas.”

“I am very pleased to see Halton Hills Hydro recognized by the industry for the future thinking mindset they have created.” stated Halton Hills Mayor Rick Bonnette.

Top performing utilities throughout the province are recognized by the EDA each year. This is the second time Halton Hills Hydro has received an industry award for excellence.