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Halton Hills Hydro Moves to Monthly Billing

April 19, 2016


April 19, 2016

Halton Hills Hydro is switching all residential and small commercial customers to Monthly Billing. All customers will receive 12 bills per year, each representing approximately one month of electricity use.

Our first monthly bills were issued earlier this month. It will take two months for all customers to be switched to monthly billing.

Halton Hills Hydro bills water charges on behalf of Halton Region. These charges will continue to be billed every other month.

monthly graphic

Your first one month bill will be for electricity only. Your second monthly bill will also include two months water charges. For example: If your March bill only includes monthly electricity charges, your April bill would cover both monthly electricity and bi-monthly water charges.

If you pay by pre-authorized payment, you will see a payment withdrawn from your account EACH MONTH.

Want predictable payment amounts? Sign up for our Equal Payment Plan and pay the same amount each month.

Understand your energy use by signing up for AccountOnline. It’s a free, easy to use tool to view your energy use and bill history. Join thousands of customers who are already viewing their energy data online: AccountOnline