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Powerline Safety Week

May 11, 2015

May 11, 2015

Halton Hills Hydro is proud to participate with the Electrical Safety Authority in promoting safety and awareness of the dangers of overhead powerlines through Powerline Safety Week.

5 ways to stay safe when working around powerlines:

  1. Look up and locate the lines – Before starting any outdoor job whether at work or at home, first look up, look out and locate. Then keep track of where they are as you move around so you’re always mindful of the powerlines.
  2. Keep yourself and equipment a safe distance away – For the kind of powerlines that connect a house to the poles on the street, keep yourself and any equipment (ladders, pruners, tall vehicles, etc.) at least one metre away. For the higher voltage lines that run down streets, stay at least three metres away. Not only is making contact very dangerous but even coming close to the line can cause the electricity to jump or ‘arc’ through the air and contact you or your equipment.
  3. Never attach or drape anything on a powerline – Never brace a ladder against a line or near its point of contact to a building. Don’t run other lines like antennas or cables on or near powerlines. And never grab a line for balance when working at heights.
  4. Carry equipment horizontally – Carry ladders, pruners and other long equipment on their side, not vertically as they could connect or attract arcing from an overhead line.
  5. Plant trees away from overhead powerlines – If your trees have grown into or close to powerlines, contact your local utility. Do not trim trees around powerlines yourself. And call before you dig to ensure underground cables and other utility equipment are located and marked.

3 Tips to stay safe when playing near powerlines:

  1. Don’t fly toys near lines – Keep kites, remote control helicopters, drones and other airborne toys well away from powerlines.
  2. Electrical equipment is not safe for play – Don’t play on or near the ground-mounted green transformer boxes on lawns or in parks. Never climb utility poles.
  3. Check before tree climbing – Never climb trees that are near or touching powerlines. Look carefully for hidden powerlines covered by branches and leaves

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