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Town and Halton Hills Hydro partner on electricity retrofits to Mold-Masters SportsPlex

November 20, 2013


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November 19, 2013

HALTON HILLS, ON The Town of Halton Hills and Halton Hills Hydro have teamed up on an electricity retrofit project which is saving the Town money while making the Mold-Masters SportsPlex more energy efficient.

The retrofit saw 47 inefficient light fixtures replaced with 64 10 lamp T5 fixtures, which produce excellent lighting at a fraction of the cost while consuming less energy.

The cost of the project was approximately $51,000, with Halton Hills Hydro paying the Town close to $5,000 in incentives through the saveONenergy RETROFITOM  program to help offset some of the costs. The program is offered by the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) through Halton Hills Hydro.

As a result of the change, the energy efficient lights have delivered 12.4 kW in demand savings.

“The Town of Halton Hills is committed to sustainability and we believe conservation and demand management efforts go a long way to supporting this strategy. We are pleased to partner with Halton Hills Hydro on this initiative and look forward to seeing reductions in our electricity consumption and to our costs,” said Mayor Rick Bonnette. “Through saveONenergy programs, Halton Hills Hydro has many valuable options that could help residential and business customers reduce their power consumption and manage electricity costs.”

Halton Hills Hydro is dedicated to conservation and demand management (CDM). The company is looking for further opportunities to assist any of its customers that are interested in energy and financial savings through one of the OPA’s conservation and demand management programs.

“CDM programs are a proven way to achieve energy and financial savings. These programs pay customers a financial incentive to help offset some of the project costs while also providing ongoing savings to the customer’s energy bill,” said Art Skidmore, President & CEO, Halton Hills Hydro.

The Town has signed up to participate in a demand response program which aims to reduce the amount of electricity being consumed in times of high demand. The incentive program is a 200kW demand initiative at Mold-Masters SportsPlex and a 100kW demand at the Acton Arena & Community Centre in 2014.

The saveONenergy RETROFITOMprogram provides incentives for commercial, industrial, agricultural and institutional customers who complete energy efficiency retrofits that result in reductions in energy consumption or peak demand for electricity. The RETROFITOM program is one of a number of CDM programs launched by the OPA and administered by local utilities, including Halton Hills Hydro.

About Halton Hills Hydro
Halton Hills Hydro, with 22,000 customers, serves two urban centres, Georgetown and Acton, the Halton Hills Premier Gateway employment area, three hamlets Glen Williams, Stewarttown and Norval and several smaller settlements, covering 280 square kilometres.

About the Town of Halton Hills
The Town of Halton Hills, with a population of approximately 60,000, consists of two urban centres, Georgetown and Acton, the Halton Hills Premier Gateway employment area, three hamlets Glen Williams, Stewarttown and Norval and several smaller settlements. Halton Hills has long been recognized for its natural beauty, active agricultural community, high quality of life and proximity to major centres, including Brampton, Mississauga and Toronto. The Town is the 2013 recipient of the National Municipal Environmental Award from the Canadian Association of Municipal Administrators and is ranked as one of the Top 5 small communities in Canada by a national magazine.

For more information contact:

Linda Boyer
Conservation & Demand Management Officer
Halton Hills Hydro
519-853-3700 ext. 239